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COST action 633: Particulate matter: Properties related to health effects

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COST 633 - Action Final Report now available!!

This COST action was active 2002 - 20008 and is finished now! However this webpage will remain online!!
NEW !!! Now the final report can be downloaded:

  • COST633 Final report, May 2, 2009 (3.1 MB)
  • Appendix to final report (5.8 Mb)
  • The COST 633 Team

    COST participants at the Conference in Vienna, April 2006
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    COST 633 Conference: Particle Matter and Health in 2020, March 13 and 14, 2008 in Brussels

    The position paper and the presentations are available under the following links:

    COST 633 Conference "Particles and Health - State of the Research and Policy Implications", May 16, 2007 in Lausanne

    The program and book of abstracts of the conference, May 2007 in Lausanne can be downloaded here:

    Background of COST 633

    Atmospheric particles or dust (particulate matter, PM) have been always considered
    a major component of air pollution. Epidemiological studies in the recent years gave a
    strong hint on extended morbidity and mortality even due to relatively low PM
    burdens (e.g. Dockery et al, 1993).

    In many European as well as other countries extensive monitoring programs focus on
    PM and special parameters like carbon, acidity, semivolatile components, ultrafine
    particles and so on. The research goals of these studies are not always the same in
    detail, but generally particle properties with respect to effects on the environment and
    in particular on human health are addressed. Furthermore, epidemiological studies
    focused on different health endpoints and high risk groups are conducted.

    Since most of these studies are being done independently at present, intensive
    exchange of experiences among the participating groups from the exposure as well as
    from the effects research side would be of great benefit to all participants.
    A harmonisation of the results available is highly desirable.
    Therefore, the COST 633 Action is to co-ordinate and promote the research going
    on in Europe on these issues.


    1. To increase the information on the particulate matter (PM) characteristics throughout
      Europe, describing the PM-system with respect to geographical and meteorological
      conditions, particle formation processes and their transport with special regard to the
      European aerosol situation (compared e. g. to the US).
    2. To increase the information on health effects of PM throughout Europe with special regard
      to geographical, seasonal and source-related aspects.
    3. Improve the scientific basis for setting environmental standards in Europe and for defining
      cost-effective abatement measures to reduce particle and particle precursor emissions.

    COST 633 will reach these objectives by bringing together scientists working in diverse fields
    (atmospheric PM system and measurements, epidemiology, toxicology and modelling) to a
    multidisciplinary expert group. Three working groups were instituted to work on the tasks
    (See separate pages). The focus of the workshop is the summary and analysis of existing airborne
    particle datasets and health effect related information in view of similarities and differences
    within Europe. This workshop will facilitate a pan-European transdisciplinary approach to

  • Combine information of particle composition, size, and morphology, (personal) exposure,
    epidemiology and toxicological effects of particles.
  • Identify short- and long-term future needs within the above research areas
  • Background Documents:

    Memorandum of Understanding for COST 633: MoU_COST633.pdf
    Objectives of COST 633: COST633objectives.pdf
    Objectives of the Working groups: WG1, WG2, WG3

    Presentation of COST 633 at the TCE15 meeting: Action633_TCE15_Presentation.ppt
    Presentation of COST 633 at the AIRNET Konferenz in Prag: COST633Prague.pdf

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