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COST action 633: Particulate matter: Properties related to health effects

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Cost Conference 2006

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Working group 1

Working group 1: Air Quality and Instrumentation

Minutes of the WG1 meeting in Brussels on 19 Nov 2004: WG1-meeting 191104_minutes.doc

Minutes of the WG1 meeting in Brussels on 25 Apr. 2005: WG1-meeting 250405_minutes.doc

Aerosol data compilation

- Identified data sets are compiled in COST633 datasets_and_methods.xls. This file will be regularly updated as long as new information is collected.
New pieces of information regarding existing aerosol datasets should be submitted according to the format of the following example: Austria-datasets.xls

  • Latitude and longitude should be expressed in dd.dd (not degrees, minutes)
  • An email address can be used in the column "Contact" if it is intelligible.

- Templates for submitting aerosol chemical (COST633_IT04-chem.xls) and physical (COST633_DE08-phys.xls) data to the COST633 database are available (since 4th March 05). These templates have been built to facilitate data submission to the joint international EMEP-WDCA upon request by the data provider.

Data files can be uploaded to a server accessible only to the COST633 consortium through the link All WG 1 members have access to this tool. User ID and password can be delivered on request by

Please try to stick to file names like "COST633_CCNN-chem" and "COST633_CCNN-phys" for chemical and physical data files, respectively, with CC = country code and NN = a two digit number between 01 and 99.

An official letter from the COST633 Steering Committee data_request_letter.doc has been prepared to help National Representatives in getting data delivered to the COST633 data base.

- Data which have already been submitted to open databases should not be submitted again for the COST633 action, but should be adequately listed in the metadata file datasets_and_methods.xls.


  • Axel Berner has delivered on April 25thth a draft document on aerosol measurement issues. It will be soon available on-line to serve as a basis for discussion at the next MC meeting
  • Christian Dye has built a first list of species which can play an important role in aerosol health effects, and will start reviewing the existing analytical methods relative to these species.
  • Imre Salma agreed to review analytical methods for heavy metals
  • Harry ten Brink will assess the comparability of historical black smoke measurements and on-going black carbon measurements.

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