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COST action 633: Particulate matter: Properties related to health effects

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COST Conference 2006


Similarities and differences in airborne particulate matter, exposure and health effects over Europe


April 3 to 5, 2006,
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria


Conference proceedings are now available for download

Short version: PDF Document (1.4 MB)
Full version: PDF Document (4.7 MB)

Conference Information

Download Final Program

Conference Chair:

Regina Hitzenberger, Chair MC, COST 633, University of Vienna 

Organizing Committee

Regina Hitzenberger (Chair), University of Vienna, Austria

Agnes Molnar, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Maria del Mar Viana, CSIC, Spain

Scientific committee

Thomas Kuhlbusch (Chair), IUTA e.V., Germany

Flemming Cassee (Co-Chair), RIVM, The Netherlands

Axel Berner, University of Vienna, Austria

Harry ten Brink, ECN, The Netherlands

Carlos Borrego, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Christian Dye, NILU, Norway

Wolfgang Kreyling, GSF, Germany

Franceline Marano, UniversitÚ Paris 7, France

Michael Riediker, Institute for Occupational Health Sciences, Switzerland

Imre Salma, Eotvos University, Hungary

Maria del Mar Viana, CSIC, Spain

Wilfried Winiwarter, ARC systems research GmbH, Austria


Local administrative assistants

Gudrun Breschar, Austrian Academy of the Sciences, Austria

Vera Meyer, University of Vienna, Austria



Conference organization

A. o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Regina Hitzenberger
Institute for Experimental Physics
University of Vienna
Boltzmanngasse 5
A-1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 4277 51111
Fax:     +43 1 4277 9511

Scientific organization

Dr. Thomas A.J. Kuhlbusch


Airborne Particle / Clean Air

Bliersheimerstr. 60

47229 Duisburg

Phone: +49 2065 418 267

Fax:      +49 2065 418 211

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