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The contens of this website report is based on contributions from a large number of people working at the Department of Marine Ecology (ME), Department of Atmospheric Pollution (ATMI) and Department of Freshwater Ecology (FE) at the National Environmental Research Institute and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Marine Division (MD). Information on who has contributed can be seen below.

The following authors have contributed to the individual sections of this report:

Jesper H. Andersen, ME,
Ole S. Hansen, ME,

Climate & hydrography
Gunni Ærtebjerg, ME,
Trine Christiansen, ME,

Inputs from landbased sources, the atmosphere and adjecent seas
G. Ærtebjerg, ME,
Thomas Ellerman, ATMI, NERI;
N.B. Ovesen, FE, NERI

Nutrient concentrations, nutrient ratios and nutrient limitations
Gunni Ærtebjerg, ME,
Jacob Carstensen, ME,
D.J. Conley, ME,

Phytoplankton and harmful algal blooms
P. Henriksen, ME,
S. Markager, ME,

Christian M. Andersen, ME, NERI
Torkel G. Nielsen, ME,

Oxygen depletion
G. Ærtebjerg, ME,

Degradation of organic matter in estuarine sediments
P.B. Christensen, ME,
N. Risgaard-Petersen, ME,
H. Fossing, ME,

Submerged aquatic vegetation
Dorte Krause-Jensen, ME,
O.S. Hansen, ME,
Karsten Dahl, ME,

Softbottom macrobenthos
Alf B. Josefson, ME,
Jørgen Hansen, ME,

Fish kills in coastal waters
Jesper H. Andersen, ME,
Ole S. Hansen, ME,

Jesper H. Andersen, ME,
Jens Brøgger Jensen, MD,
Henning Karup, MD,

Gunni Ærtebjerg, ME,
Jesper H. Andersen, ME,
Ole S. Hansen, ME,
Henning Karup, MD,

The brief introductions to Eutrophication, Assessment and Summary have been drafted and edited by the editors.

Gunni Ærtebjerg,
Jesper H. Andersen, and
Ole S. Hansen,
All National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Marine Ecology.

The editors would like to thank:
• All the Danish Counties and their dedicated staff who are responsible for data collection in Danish coastal waters.
• Ole H. Manscher, Department of Marine Ecology, NERI for management of MADS, the National Marine Database System and retrieval of data, the latter accomplishment being a trade mark of a true professional.
• Associate professor Benni W. Hansen, Roskilde University Centre and senior scientist Daniel J. Conley, Department of Marine Ecology, NERI for helpful and constructive comments to a draft manuscript.
• Colin Stedmon, Department of Marine Ecology, NERI for linguistic corrections.
• Danish Environmental Protection Agency and National Monitoring Co-ordination Section (NERI) for financial support.

The steering commity for this web-project:
• Tonny Niilonen, Danish Environmental Protection Agency
• Ulrik Berggren, Danish Forest and Nature Agency
• Jens Brøgger Jensen, Danish Environmental Protection Agency
• Lars A. Angantyr, Frederiksborg County
for ideas and constructive comments on the project.

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