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The Areal Information System (AIS) is a database system providing access to geographically localized natural and environmental data.

The AIS data were gathered during the period 1996-2000 as a joint project between the National Environmental Research Institute, The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, The Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute, The Danish Forest and Nature Agency, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, The Danish Energy Agency, The Danish Survey and Cadastre, The Spatial Planning Department, The Ministry of Energy, Fisheries and Food, the Danish counties, The Municipality of Copenhagen and The Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography.

The purpose of the project was to compile data to be incorporated into a geographical information system (GIS), displaying national areal mapping as seen from a natural and environmental point of view.

The aim is for AIS to become a central tool for the Danish Ministry of the Environment in connection with administrative, monitoring and research tasks, but also other institutions and individuals interested in natural and environmental conditions in Denmark may find it useful.

The project is financed by the Ministry of the Environment and several institutions have made a significant contribution via their submission of comprehensive data sets.

The Areal Information System is the first attempt in Denmark to integrate geographical data within the fields of nature and environment, providing new prospects for the employment of GIS data within the framework of the Ministry of the Environment.

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