Abstracts submitted for presentation at The Third International Conference on Urban Air Quality, Loutraki, Greece, 19-23 March 2001
by TRAPOS Participants

  1. R. Berkowicz: The European Research Network TRAPOS - Results and achievements - Extended Abstract

  2. A. J. Gámez, I. Düring, R. Bösinger, P. Rabl, A. Lohmeyer: Determination of the 99.8-Percentile of NO2 Concentrations and PM10 Emissions for EIA Studies - Extended Abstract

  3. A. Kovar-Panskus, P. Louka, J-F. Sini, E. Savory, M. Czech, A. Abdelqari, P.G. Mestayer, N. Toy: Influence of Geometry on the Flow and Turbulence Characteristics Within Urban Street Canyons - Intercomparison of Wind Tunnel Experiments and Numerical Simulations - Extended Abstract

  4. A. Kovar-Panskus, L. Moulinneuf, E. Savory, A. Abdelqari, J-F. Sini, J-M. Rosant, A. Robins, N. Toy: The Influence of Solar-Induced Wall Heating on the Flow Regime within Urban Street Canyons - Extended Abstract

  5. M. Schatzmann, H. Frantz, B. Leitl, W.J. Müller: DO FIELD DATA REPRESENT THE TRUTH ? - Extended Abstract

  6. P. Sahm, P. Louka, M. Ketzel, E. Guilloteau, J-F. Sini: Intercomparison of Numerical Urban Dispersion Models - Part I: Street Canyon and Single Building Configurations - Extended Abstract

  7. M. Ketzel, P. Louka, P. Sahm, J.-F. Sini, N. Moussiopoulos: Intercomparison of Numerical Urban Dispersion Models - Part II: Street Canyon in Hannover, Germany - Extended Abstract

  8. G. Vachon, P. Louka, J-M. Rosant, P.G. Mestayer, J-F. Sini: Measurements of Traffic-Induced Turbulence within a Street Canyon during the Nantes '99 Experiment - Extended Abstract

  9. P. Louka, G. Vachon, J-F. Sini, P.G. Mestayer, J-M. Rosant: Thermal Effects on the Airflow in a Street Canyon - Nantes '99 Experimental Results and Model Simulation - Extended Abstract

  10. P. Kastner-Klein, M. W. Rotach: Parameterization of Wind and Turbulent Shear Stress Profiles in the Urban Roughness Sublayer - Extended Abstract

  11. P. Kastner-Klein , R. Berkowicz, E. Fedorovich: Evaluation of Scaling Concepts for Traffic-Produced Turbulence Based on Laboratory and Full-Scale Concentration Measurements in Street Canyons - Extended Abstract

  12. R. Berkowicz, M. Ketzel, G. Vachon, P. Louka, J-M. Rosant, P.G. Mestayer, J-F. Sini: Examination of Traffic Pollution Distribution in a Street Canyon Using the Nantes'99 Experimental Data and Comparison with Model Results - Extended Abstract

  13. O. Le Bihan, M. Ketzel, P. Wċhlin, F. Palmgren, R. Berkowicz: Application of Dispersion Modelling for Analysis of Particle Pollution Sources in a Street Canyon - Extended Abstract

  14. P. Wċhlin, F. Palmgren, R. van Dingenen: Source Apportionment and Size Characterisation of Aerosol Particles Measured in a Copenhagen Street Canyon - Extended Abstract

  15. R. Britter, F. Caton, K. Cooke, S. Di Sabatino, P. Simmonds, G. Nickless: Results from three field tracers experiments at the neighbourhood scale in the city of Birmingham UK - Extended Abstract

  16. C. Ratti, S. Di Sabatino, F. Caton, R. Britter, M. Brown, S. Burian: Analysis of 3-D urban databases with respect to pollution dispersion for a number of European and American cities - Extended Abstract

  17. C. Chauvet, B. Leitl, M. Schatzmann: High Resolution Flow Measurements in an Idealised Urban Street Canyon - Extended Abstract (Large! 2,639 KB)

  18. B. Leitl, C. Chauvet, M. Schatzmann: Effects of Geometrical Simplification and Idealization on the Accuracy of Microscale Dispersion Modelling - Extended Abstract (Large! 2,489 KB)

  19. S. Henne, B. Leitl, M. Schatzmann: Windtunnel Studies on Traffic Produced Turbulence and its Influence on Pollution Dispersion in an Urban Street Canyon - Extended Abstract

Optimisation of Modelling Methods for
Traffic Pollution in Streets - TRAPOS