Air quality data - enhanced menu to generate tables

Here you can generate a table with results of meaurements.
The menu gives you much freedom as to which parameters should be included. Note, however, that the table may become very wide if you select many parameters.

An alternative option is:

Select year(s) Select pollutant
Select station(s)
Select only the following types of stations:
Urban background

Specify the parameter you want to display (select from the list below) and press "Show table".


1    Average
2    25-percentile
3    Median
4    75-percentile
5    90-percentile
6    95-percentile
7    98-percentile
8    99-percentile
9    99.9-percentile
10    Max. hourly value
11    19th highest
12    25th highest
13    4th highest day
14    Average, winter
15    36th highest day
16    8th highest day
17    Max. 8-hour
18    26th highest day
19    Second highest day
20    Max. 3-hour
21    AOT40c
22    Max. day
23    Number of days >50µg/m3
24    AOT40f
25    No. of days 8 hour >120µg/m3

Notes about parameters
Several of the above parameters are only relevant for ozone.
Information about current EU directives and limit values: See Tables of Limit values (Opens in separate window).

Description: Pollutants and stations
Description of pollutants (separate vindow).
Station map (separate window)

Alternative option regarding tables

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Revised 26-4-2018

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