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Center for Research and Monitoring of the Marine Environment is a Marie Curie Training Site hosted by the National Environmental Institute (NERI) in Denmark and funded by the European Commission.

PhD students enrolled at universities in member states of the European Union are invited to apply for fellowships of 3-12 months at the Cream Training site at NERI to conduct research as part of their PhD studies.

The research training will consist of empirical analysis, comparative studies and modelling of monitoring data to extract interesting and relevant information from the data to gain knowledge regarding how marine systems operate in order to evaluate anthropogenic and climatic impacts upon the marine environment.

The doctoral training is open to students in marine biology, ecological modelling, statistics, biological, physical and chemical oceanography.

Applications and proposals are accepted and evaluated continously but students are adviced to consult a supervisor and check the projects page before applying. Please also consult the how to apply pages.


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