Working Group Wind tunnel data

of the TRAPOS network

Members-young scientists :

Christian Chauvet, (Chairperson), MIHU Hamburg, Germany

Petra Kastner-Klein, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Anke Kovar-Panskus, U. Surrey, UK

Associated senior scientist :

Michael Schatzmann, MIHU Hamburg, Germany

Eric Savory, U. Surrey, UK


It was decided during the TRAPOS midterm review meeting in Roskilde, January 2000, to create formal working groups for the different tasks of the network. Wind tunnel data was defined as one of the tasks. The responsibilities of each working group are :

· Formulation of the importance of the subject for the street level pollution

· Presentation of the TRAPOS contribution to the advancement of the subject

· Transformation of the results into recommendation for practical models

Goals of the Working group

It was decided to create this working group to centralise and summarise all the wind tunnel data got in the TRAPOS network. Owing to this web page all the data are available to all the members and also for participants outside TRAPOS. The main goal is not to create a new database but to describe the experimental set-up and the measurement technique used, and give a direct to the institute where the measurements were performed.

Wind tunnel description

· University of Hamburg  (contact Michael Schatzmann)

· University of Surrey    (contact Eric Savory)

· University of Karlsruhe    (contact Petra Kastner-Klein)

Measurement methods

All the measurements were performed with three well known methods which will be described in details in each set up presentation.

· Laser Doppler Anenometry (L.D.A.)

· Flame Ionisation Detector (F.I.D.)

· Pulsed wire Anenometry (P.W.A.)

Measurement performed

· Velocity field, turbulence intensity

· 3-dimensional velocity field, associated turbulence quantities (normal and reynolds stresses, 3-dimensional
turbulent kinetic energy)

· pollutant concentration, pollutant dispersion

Case studied (· Flow measurement available, * Concentration measurement available)

    » 2 Dimensional configuration

            ~ Single cavity    (contact Eric Savory)

                    · Effect of aspect ratio

                    · Effect of wall heating

            ~ Single canyon    (contact Petra Kastner-Klein)

                    · Effect of roof shape

            ~ Multiple canyon    (contact Petra Kastner-Klein)

                    · Effect of upstream canyon

    » 3 Dimensional simple geometry    (contact Petra Kastner-Klein)

                    · Effect of spanwise ratio

                    · Effect of roof geometry

                    · Effect of wind direction

                    · Effect of aspect ratio

    » 3 Dimensional complex geometry, real urban configuration

            ~ Goettingerstrasse Hanover (Germany)    (contact Michael Schatzmann)

                       * Pollutant dispersion

                     · Flow measurements

            ~ Jagtvej Copenhagen (Denmark)    (contact Michael Schatzmann)

                       * Pollutant dispersion

            ~ Podbielskistrasse Hanover (Germany)    (contact Michael Schatzmann)

                       * Pollutant dispersion

            ~ Rue de Strasbourg Nantes(France)    (contact Petra Kastner-Klein)

                       * Pollutant dispersion

                   · Flow measurements

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