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Manno workshop:

2nd workshop on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes

Papers presented

Below is a list of papers presented during the workshop in Manno, August/September 1993.

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Bibliographic details

The list is based on the volume of proceedings: "Proceedings of the Workshop: Intercomparison of Advanced Practical Short-Range Atmospheric Dispersion Models". August 30 - September 3, 1993 (Manno - Switzerland). C. Cuvelier (editor). Joint Research Centre. European Commission. 204 pp. Free of charge. Available from Joint Research Centre, Publication Department, I-21020 Ispra (Va.) (IT) or from the editor Dr. C. Cuvelier, JRC Ispra, I-21020 Ispra (Va), e-mail: kees.cuvelier@jrc.it, fax: +39 332 789648.


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Summary of model evaluation discussions in Manno
H. Olesen (NERI, Denmark)

Review of earlier model evaluation work.
H. Olesen (NERI, Denmark)

Overview of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's model evaluation activities.
R.F. Lee

The Copenhagen tracer experiment - Short description and some model results
S. Gryning, C. Tassone (RISØ, Denmark)

Pilot Study: Evaluation of the ISCST2 model.
R.F. Lee (NOAA, USA)

Pilot study: Evaluation of the OML model
H. Olesen (NERI, Denmark)

The UK Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System: Comparisons with data from Kincaid, Lillestrøm and Copenhagen.
D J. Carruthers, C.A. McHugh (Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants, UK)
A.G. Robins, (National Power and University of Surrey, UK)
B.M. Davies, D. J. Thomson, M.R.. Montgomery (Met Office, UK)

Development and preliminary evaluation of a dispersion model based on kinematic simulation theory
R. Yamartino, D. Strimaitis, M. Spitzak (SIGMA, USA)
W. Klug (University of Darmstadt, Germany)

Comparisons of predictions from a random walk model with the Copenhagen data set
R..E. Lewis, T.B.. Staples (ZENECA, UK)

Using dioxin and furan deposition fields to validate some aspects of a bi-Gaussian model for a continuous release from a 60 m high stack
G. Maes, G. Cosemans, P. Geuzens, J. Kretzschmar (VITO, Belgium)

Large eddy simulation on the NEC
F.T.M. Nieuwstadt, I. Bouwmans (J.M. Burgers Centre, Netherlands)

Preprocessing of meteorological data and modelling the atmospheric dispersion over complex terrain with a particle model
F. Desiato (ENEA-Disp, Italy)

A complete 3-D Lagrangian particle model to simulate the dispersion of non-reacting airborne pollutants over complex terrain
G. Tinarelli, G. Brusasca, M.G. Morselli (ENEL-CRAM, Italy) D. Anfossi (C.N.R. Instituto di Cosmogeofisica, Italy)
E. Ferrero (Universita' Alessandria, Italy)
J. Moussafir (ARIA, France)

Model evaluation and application of advanced and traditional Gaussian models on the experimental Sostanj (Slovenia) campaign
M. Boznar, P. Mlakar (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)
G. Brusasca, M. G. Morselli (ENEL-CRAM, Italy)
C. Cavicchioli, P. Faggian, S. Finardi, M. Minella (C.l.S.E. Tecnologie Innovative, Italy)
R. Sozzi (Servizio Territorio, Italy)

Simulation of a complex terrain release experiment (the Transalp campaign, 1989) through mass consistent (wind field) and Gaussian puff (dispersion) models
M. Minella, S. Finardi (C.l.S.E. Tecnologie Innovative, Italy)
M.G. Morselli, G. Brusasca (ENEL-CRAM, Italy)

Model evaluation criteria on tracer experimental data
G. Brusasca, M.G. Morselli, (ENEL-CRAM, Italy)
D. Anfossi (C.N.R. Instituto di Cosmogeofisica, Italy)

PBLMET: Library for advanced meteorological and air quality data processing
R. Sozzi, D. Fraternali (Servizio Territorio, Italy)

GEM: A microscale Lagrangian trajectory model for the dispersion of primary pollutants in an urban topography
G. Lanzani (Scientific Consultant, Italy)
M. Tamponi (PMIP-USSL Lecco, Italy)

MDGP: A new model for the dispersion of primary pollutants. Application to the release of gases denser than air.
R. Bellasio (Scientific Consultant, Italy)
M. Tamponi (PMIP-USSL Lecco, Italy)

The CALGRID model system
E. Angelino (PMIP-USSL Milano, Italy)
M. Tamponi (PMIP-USSL Lecco, Italy)
K. Wagner (Alpine Geophysics)

The Gaussian model stacks
J.J. Erbrink (KEMA, The Netherlands)

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