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The European Commission manages the CAFE programme (CAFE: Clean Air For Europe).
As part of CAFE, the DG Environment has initiated the project "Assessment of the effectiveness of European air quality policies and measures".

This project has being carried out by Milieu Ltd, the Danish National Environmental Research Institute, and the Center for Clean Air Policy.

The current page is an entry to information gathered under that project.

The following sections list the types of tools and information that are available.

The (revised) Final Report was submitted to the EU Commission in December 2004. The report contains several separate technical reports that are available on the current web site.

Database and Search facility

As part of the project, a database has been compiled. The information in the database is accessed through the Search facility.
The database consists of two main parts:
  1. A "Studies" database on existing studies related to ex-post evaluations.
  2. A "Standards" database with useful information when comparing air quality related standards between various countries. The database contains facts, figures and comparative tables as well as references to where the relevant information can be found.
The Search facility provides access to all information gathered. A number of criteria allows you to select information relevant for you.

Case studies

As a major part of the project, four case studies have been conducted; for each case study a report describes lessons to be learnt from measures taken. The case studies are the following:
  • The EU and US Approaches towards Acidification, Eutrophication and Ground-Level Ozone
  • EU and US Air Quality Standards and Planning Requirements
  • EU and US Approaches towards Controlling Emissions from High-Emitting Vehicles
  • EU and US Approaches towards Particulate Matter
More details on the case studies...


During the project, information has been gathered through interviews with key stakeholders and questionnaires sent to them. The questions concerned successes and failures of the EU Air Quality Policies. Go to Project Reports...

Study on transparency

As part of the project a study on transparency and public participation has been conducted. Go to Project Reports...

Central links

A separate page provides central links.
These links represent a few selected "fixed points" of central importance, from where you can start looking if you search information regarding the effectiveness of air quality policy.

Relevant links can also be found through the search facility.



Last update: January 6, 2005