Database: Retrieve air quality data

Here you can generate tables with results of measurements of various pollutants.

If you are interested in explanatory text or illustrative figures concerning pollution trends in Danish cities, you may download the most recent annual report from the monitoring programme.

However, if you prefer to do your own selection of data, then use the present page.
Here is access to air pollution data (on an annual basis). Make your selection of years, pollutants and stations. The data you will find are not raw, individual results, but statistical parameters, such as mean values and 98 percentiles. Data are shown as tables.

Note on the button "Show table" (below):
Before using the button you should select a pollutant.

You may select certain years and stations. To do so press the Ctrl button while clicking the mouse.

Data until 2022 are available here.

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See also
The present page gives you only access to tabular data on an annual basis. You have also other options:
  • On-line measurements (in Danish): Recent measurements from today and from the past month. Data are updated every hour. (Applies only to pollutants that are measured with automatic instruments).
  • Annual reports: DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy at Aarhus University publishes annual reports with results from the monitoring programme. Many of these reports are in English, and they provide a good overview of the situation in Denmark.

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