Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) is a leading integrated monitoring and long-term research programme on ecosystems and climate change effects and feedbacks in the Arctic. The programme has established a coherent and integrated understanding of the functioning of ecosystems in a highly variable climate, which is based upon a comprehensive, long-term inter-disciplinary data collection currently carried out at two sites. These are located at Nuuk in low arctic West Greenland and at Zackenberg in high arctic Northeast Greenland.

The vision of the programme with focus on Greenland is to contribute substantially to the basic scientific understanding of arctic ecosystems and their responses to climatic changes and variability as well as the potential local, regional and global implications of changes in Arctic ecosystems.

Download the Greenland Ecosystem Strategy and Working Programme 2011-2015

If the report is too big, the report has been divided in part A and part B. Download part A (6.7 MB) and part B (4.9 MB)

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The Nuuk Basic and Zackenberg Basic secretariats
Department of Bioscience,

Aarhus University
Frederiksborgvej 399
P.O. Box 358
DK-4000 Roskilde

Nuuk Basic secretariat
Zackenberg secretariat

Phone:+45 87 15 86 76/ +45 87 15 87 34

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