Model intercomparison exercise (Podbielskistrasse-Exercise)

The German organisation BWPLUS (Förderprojekt "Lebensgrundlage Umwelt und ihre Sicherung" Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe) promoted in Germany an intercomparison of methods for the prediction of the air pollutant concentrations in a specific street canyon using usually available input data (the “Podbi-Exercise”). TRAPOS joint that initiative to bring the intercomparison on the European level.

Twenty-four modellers from twenty-one institutions used a range of models to predict pollutant concentrations in a street canyon in Hannover, Germany. In each case, the modellers employed their normal operational model. The aim of the exercise was to obtain an indication of the magnitude of the variation in the procedures used and results obtained, and on how these variations may be reduced.

The results were presented during the
7th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, in Belgirate, May 28-31, 2001 and the Deutsch-Östereich-Schweizerische Meteorologentagung in Vienna, September 18-21, 2001.


Detailed additional information can be found in with the following files:

  1. .Podbi-readme.pdf as general information
  2. Podbi Europe Group.pdf gives the report of the “European Group” of participants
  3. The figures for this report are contained in the file
  4. The report heavily refers to the report of the “German Group” which is given with the file Podbielski.pdf.

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