Working Group of the TRAPOS

network on Thermal Effects in a street canyon.



Members young
        Petroula Louka (Chairperson), ECN, Nantes, France.
        Silvana Di Sabatino, CERC, Cambridge, UK.
        Anke Kovar-Panskus, Surrey University, UK.
        Gaelle Vachon, ECN, Nantes, France.
        Ludovic Moulinneuf, ECN, Nantes, France.

Associated senior
        Jean-Francois Sini, ECN, Nantes, France.
        Patrice Mestayer, ECN, Nantes, France.
        Eric Savory, Surrey University, UK.
        Rex Britter, CERC, Cambridge, UK.
        Abdel Abdelqari, ECN, Nantes, France.
        Jean-Michel Rosant, ECN, Nantes, France.


The thermal effects due to the variable solar heating of the buildings walls and the heating produced by the vehicles on the airflow within a street canyon are studied by this group. The thermal effects (TEF) group, as all TRAPOS working groups, has the following responsibilities:

  Formulation of the importance of the subject for the street level pollution,
  Presentation of the TRAPOS contribution to the advancement of the subject,
  Transformation of the results into recommendations for practical models.

Working group activities

Most of the group's activities are underway. These include:

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