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Papers presented at the "First workshop on Harmonisation..."

The first workshop on "Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes" was held in May 1992 in Roskilde, Denmark.

Its title was "Objectives for Next Generation of Practical Short-Range Atmospheric Dispersion Models".

This document contains the list of contents from the proceedings.

Some of the papers are only available in the form of abstracts (as indicated in the list).

The proceedings are now out of print, but certain sections of the proceedings are available via the Word Wide Web. Copies of other papers can be obtained on request to Helge RÝrdam Olesen, NERI.

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List of contents

1 Summaries

1.1 Overview

1.2 Resolution

1.3 Summary of discussions in Work Group I

1.4 Summary of discussions in Work Group II

1.5 Summary of discussions in Work Group III

2 Papers and abstracts

1. Background and objectives of the workshop
H.R. Olesen, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark.

2. Standardization in the field of air quality - Activities of ISO and CEN (invited)
K. Grefen, Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft im VDI und DIN, Germany.

3. Summary of the NATO/CCMS round table discussion on the harmonization of atmospheric dispersion models (invited)
J.S. Irwin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA.

4. Improving practical atmospheric dispersion models - the scientific basis (invited)
J.C.R. Hunt, B. Hudson and D.J. Thomson, UK Met. Office, UK.

5. Effects of data limitations on hopes for improved short range atmospheric dispersion models (invited)
S.R. Hanna, Sigma Research Corporation, USA (representing EPRI).

6. Harmonization in the pre-processing of meteorological data for dispersion models (invited)
N. Thompson, UK Met. Office, UK.

7. Electronic information exchange in the field of atmospheric dispersion modelling
H.R. Olesen, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark.

8. Boundary layer parameterizations and long-range transport (invited)
J.S. Irwin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA.

9. Atmospheric dispersion models for real time application in the decision support system being developed within the CEC
T. Mikkelsen, RisÝ National Laboratory, Denmark.

10. Quality criteria for air pollution models, standardisation and model development in the Netherlands (invited)
H. Noordijk, Laboratory of Air Research, RIVM, the Netherlands.

11. Atmospheric dispersion modelling as a tool for regulatory bodies in Israel - trends and experience (abstract)
U. Dayan and Y. Mahrer, Israel.

12. Harmonization of French and German calculation schemes to model short-range atmospheric dispersion following accidental releases from nuclear power plants (abstract)
K. Massmeyer B. Crabol, R. Martens, K. Nester, E. Romeo and H. Schnadt,
Ges. fŁr Reaktorsicherheit m.b.H., Germany.

13. UK-ADMS - a new approach to modelling dispersion in the Earth's atmospheric boundary layer
D.J. Carruthers, R.J. Holroyd, J.C.R. Hunt, W.S. Weng, A.G. Robins,
D.D. Apsley, D.J. Thomson and F.B. Smith, UK.

14. The Danish OML model (abstract)
H.R. Olesen, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark.

15. The Belgian immission frequency distribution model IFDM (abstract)
G. Cosemans, J. Kretzschmar and G. Maes, VITO, Belgium.

16. Real-time dispersion modelling of accidental gas releases (abstract)
M. Coutinho M. ConceiÁ„o, C. Borrego and J.M. Martins,
University of Aveiro, Portugal.

17. Analytical solutions of advection-diffusion equation as a tool for a next generation of atmospheric dispersion models (abstract)
T. Tirabassi, Institute FISBAT of C.N.R., Italy.

18. An easy to use semi-empirical model for treating diffusion under weak wind conditions (abstract)
M.C. Cirillo and A. A. Poli, ENEA, C.R.E. Casaccia-Roma, Italy.

19. SLAM, a short term and local scale ammonia transport model
G.M.F. Boermans and W.A.J. van Pul, RIVM, the Netherlands.

20. Large-eddy modelling as a data-base for practical air pollution models (abstract)
F. Nieuwstadt, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

21. The potential use of Lagrangian stochastic models for short-range dispersion (abstract)
H. van Dop, Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands.

22. Stochastic models for real time forecast and control of pollution episodes
G. Finzi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

23. The role of statistical models (abstract)
P.C. Chatwin, University of Sheffield, England.

24. A regulator's perspective on the use of atmospheric dispersion models
C.R. Williams, H.M. Inspectorate of Pollution, UK.

25. Model evaluation criteria using tracer experimental data (abstract)
G. Brusasca, M.G. Morselli and D. Anfossi, ENEL/CRTN, Italy.

26. Use of dispersion models in real time for environmental monitoring. A case study: The Sostanj experimental campaign (abstract)
G. Brusasca, M.G. Morselli, G. Tinarelli and S. Finardi, ENEL/CRTN, Italy.

27. Summary of a UK meeting to discuss harmonisation of atmospheric dispersion models
J.A. Jones, National Radiological Protection Board, UK.

28. Standards for the development of new dispersion models
A. Robins, National Power Ldt., UK.

29. The Dutch standard on the description of air pollution models
(included in order to supplement the paper by Noordijk)

30. Characteristics of a third generation regulatory models
G. Kallos, C. Pilinis, P. Kassomenos and G. Hatzakis, University of Athens, Greece.

31. Tracer experiment data sets for the verification of local and meso-scale atmospheric dispersion models including topographic effects
E. Sartori and W. Schuler, OECD/NEA Data Bank, France

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