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The Determination of the Mixing Height - Current Progress and Problems

1-3 October 1997

Risø National Laboratory, Denmark

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Session I - Theoretical Considerations 7

K. Nyrén and S.-E. Gryning: Nomogram for the height of the daytime mixed layer 9

J. Bergmann: Mixing height determination from the momentum balance of the neutral or stable PBL 13

E. Fedorovich and R. Kaiser: A model study of mixing and entrainment in the horizontally evolving atmospheric convective boundary layer 17

Session II - Mixing Height estimation from Turbulence Measurements and In-Situ Soundings 21

M. Piringer: Experiences of ZAMG on mixing height determination 23

J. Højstrup, R. J. Barthelmie and B. Källstrand: Boundary layer heights derived from velocity spectra 27

A. A. Samah: Modelling the development of mixing height in near equatorial region 31

S.E. Gryning and E. Batchvarova: Determination of regional heat fluxes from the growth of the mixing layer 35

Session III - Mixing Height Determination from NWP-Models 39

J.H. Sørensen and A. Rasmussen: Mixing Height Derived from the DMI-HIRLAM NWP Model, and used for ETEX Dispersion Modelling 41

T. Iversen and H.A. Jakobsen: An operational routine for off-line diagnostic determination of the mixing-layer depth 45

G. Wotawa and A. Stohl: Boundary layer heights and surface fluxes of momentum and heat derived from ECMWF data for use in pollutant dispersion models - problems with data accuracy 47

H. Klein Baltink and A.A.M. Holtslag: A comparison of boundary-layer heights inferred from windprofiler backscatter profiles with diagnostic calculations using regional model forecasts 51

B. Fay, R. Schrodin, I. Jacobsen and D. Engelbart: Validation of mixing heights derived from the operational NWP models at ther German Weather Service 55

Session IV - Climatology and Global Aspects 59

H. van Dop, M. Krol and B. Holtslag: A global boundary-layer height climatology 61

A-M Sempreviva and S-E Gryning: Climatology and evolution of the mixing height over water 65

Session V - Mixing Height Determination from Remote Sensing Systems 69

F. Beyrich: Mixing height determination using remote sensing systems - general remarks 71

W.M. Angevine and A.W. Grimsdell: Mixing height measurements from UHF wind profiling radar 75

M. Bennett and G.C. Hunter: Variation of Lidar backscatter as an indicator of boundary layer structure 79

A.B. White, C. Senff and R.M. Banta: A comparison of mixing depths observed by ground-based wind profilers and an airborne lidar 83

M.A. Kallistratova and M.A. Lokoshchenko: On determination of the urban mixing height for air quality application 87

J. Walczewski: Some aspects of estimation of mixing height using vertical sodar records 91

Session VI - Verification of Mixing Height Parameterizations and Models 95

P. Faggian, G. M. Riva and G. Brusasca: Comparison of Mixed layer Models predictions with experimental data 97

A. Rasmussen, J. H. Sørensen and N. Woetmann Nielsen: Validation of Mixing Height Determined from Vertical Profiles of Wind and Temperature from the DMI-HIRLAM NWP Model in Comparison with radiosoundings 101

A. Jaquier, R. Stübi and Ph. Tercier: Comparison of mixing height parameterizations with profiles measurements 105

T. Mikkelsen, H.E. Jørgensen, P. Astrup, S. Ott and J. H, Sørensen: Comparison of measured and modelled mixing heights during the BOREX-95 Experiment 109

A Bielak, J. Burzynski, W. Kaszowski and J. Walcewski: Some parameterization formulae for mixing height compared with joint Sodar and Lidar observations 113

D. Yordanov, D. Syrakov and M. Kolarova: On the parameterization of the planetary boundary layer of the atmosphere 117

Session VII - Mixing Height over Complex Terrain 121

A.B. White and C.W. King: A comparison of mixing depths observed over horizontally inhomogeneous terrain 123

K. Baumann: Mixing heights over hilly terrain - a case study in northern Austria 127

S. Galmarini, D. Anfossi, P. Salin, G. Schayes and S. Trini-Castelli: Effect on tracer concentration of ABL depth models in complex terrain 131

Session VIII - Internal Boundary Layers: Mixing Height in Coastal Areas and Over Cities 135

D. G. Steyn: Interaction between the Thermal Internal Boundary Layer and Sea Breezes 137

E. Batchvarova, D. Steyn, X. Cai, S.-E. Gryning and M. Baldi: Modelling the Internal Boundary Layer over the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia 141

H.P. Frank: Simulation of the convective mixed layer in Athens 145

G. Schayes and P. Grossi: Sensitivity analysis of the Boundary Layer Height on idealised Cities (model study) 149

E.A. Shurygin: Sodar measurements of the mixed-layer depth over a large city 153

F.R. Freedman and R.D. Bornstein: Turbulent structure of the nighttime atmospheric boundary layer and its application to vertically dependent mixing heights 157


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