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COST 710 final report

The bibliographic information for the final report of COST 710 is as follows:

EUR 18195 -  COST Action 710  -  Final report. Harmonisation of the pre-processing of meteorological data for atmospheric dispersion models.
Edited by B.E.A. Fisher, J.J. Erbrink, S. Finardi, P. Jeannet, S. Joffre, M.G. Morselli, U. Pechinger, P. Seibert and D.J. Thomson.
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
1998 - 431pp. - 16.8 x 23.5 cm.
ISBN 92-828-3302-X
The report out of print.

Contents of the report

The report (431 pages) consists of a preface and five parts. The major part of this material is available electronically by clicking the links below. The text is either in plain HTML format or in PDF format (requires the free Acrobat Reader).

View the text of the Preface.
Part 1 Introduction
The introduction (18 pages) is followed by 3 appendices (16 pages).
View  Table of Contents  (for the Introduction only)
Download the Introduction incl. appendices as PDF file (205 K)
Part 2 Surface Energy Balance
Report of Working Group 1 (94 pages). Download as PDF file (3 MB)

Part 3 Mixing Height Determination for Dispersion Modelling
Report of Working Group 2 (120 pages)
An electronic version ( Warning: size 7 MB !) is available. (It resides at the web site at Universitšt fŁr Bodenkultur, Wien).

Part 4 Vertical Profiles of Wind, Temperature and Turbulence
Report of Working Group 3 (111 pages).
Not all of this report is available electronically. Available for download is

Part 5 Wind Flow Models over Complex Terrain for Dispersion Calculations
Report of Working Group 4 (49 pages). Download as PDF file (500 K).

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