[Map of Europe]

Libraries/information centres.

[Bullet]Austria Austrian Federal Environment Agency
[Bullet]BelgiumFlemish Environmental Agency
[Bullet]Denmark European Environment Agency (EEA)
National Environmental Research Institute (NERI)
[Bullet]Finland Finnish Environment Agency
[Bullet]France IFEN - Institut Francais de l'Environnement
[Bullet]Germany Umweltbundesamt
[Bullet]Iceland Icelandic Institute of Natural History
[Bullet]Ireland ENFO - The Environmental Information Service
[Bullet]ItalyENEA - Italian National Agency for Environment, Energy and New Technology
[Bullet]The Netherlands RIVM - National Institute of Public Health and Env. Protection
[Bullet]Norway Norwegian Pollution Control Authority
[Bullet]Portugal General Directorate of the Environment
[Bullet]SpainMinisterio de Obras Publicas, Transportes y Medio Ambiente
[Bullet]Sweden Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
[Bullet]United Kingdom Department of the Environment

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