Economy and personnel

Expressed in real terms, NERI’s appropriation under the Danish Finance Act has remained largely constant over the period 1990-99. It should be noted, however, that the appropriation has only been maintained at this level due to the addition of new tasks and the associated funding (game research, microbiology, Greenland Environmental Research Institute). Over the same period external financing in the form of programme and contract research has increased 3–4 fold expressed in real terms. In 1998, NERI’s appropriation under the Danish Finance Act was DKK 133 million. External financing amounted to DKK 89 million. Total operating costs were DKK 221 million, representing an increase relative to 1997.

NERI’s staff has grown considerably over the decade, with the increase being proportionally greater than the increase in financing. In 1998 wage costs accounted for 62% of NERI’s total operating costs. NERI’s staff has thus grown from 200 man-years in 1989 to 442 man-years at the end of 1998.



In 1998, NERI’s income totalled DKK 222 million, of which DKK 133 mil-lion consisted of an appropriation under the Danish Finance Act while DKK 89 million was accounted for by programme and contract research. Total operating costs in 1998 amount-ed to DKK 221 million, excluding interest and depreciation and ex-pected VAT reimbursements. The budget surplus of DKK 1.8 million will be carried forward to 1999.


Development in NERI's total income from research programmes and grants apportioned by source.


The figure shows the number of employees as of 31 Dec. 1998. Total manpower in 1998 amounted to 442 many-years.