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ZERO station
Climate change modellers agree that polar regions are particularly exposed to global warming. At the same time, the ecosystems in these regions are highly sensitive to climate change. Therefore, some of the earliest and most pronounced effects of global warming are expected in the Arctic.

Despite this, only very few long-term studies on the dynamics of Arctic ecosystems exist, and no such studies took place in Greenland until Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations (ZERO) started in central Northeast Greenland in 1995.

BioBasis, the biological monitoring programme within ZERO, is run by the National Environmental Research Institute and financed by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Ministry of the Environment, Denmark. The goal of BioBasis is to monitor the dynamics of a large variety of organisms and biological processes in the local ecosystem. Get an overview in the table of BioBasis main monitoring elements.

Data access and research

Data generated by BioBasis are public domain. The programme is presented in Rationale and design of the BioBasis Programme at Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland, 1995-2045 and beyond, while a detailed description of the entire programme is given in the manual Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations, BioBasis, Sampling procedures of the biological programme of Zackenberg Basic.

All data generated by BioBasis so far are presented in BioBasis data. These data can be evaluated using the information provided in Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations, BioBasis, Sampling procedures of the biological programme of Zackenberg Basic.

Please contact the BioBasis manager, Dr. Hans Meltofte (, about any further questions.

Each year, preliminary data presentations and evaluations are published in the annual reports from ZERO at ZERO's homepage.

A preliminary analysis of the first eight years of data was published in Danish in the report "Sne, is og 35 graders kulde. Hvad er effekterne af klimaændringer i Nordøstgrønland?" The report is available online in a PDF-version (2,8 Mb) and in hard copy from Netboghandlen.

A catalogue of ideas on research projects related to BioBasis data are given in Idékatalog over PhD- og specialeprojekter i relation til BioBasis i Zackenberg (in Danish only).

More information on ZERO - the site, logistics, prices, facilities, research permits, publications etc. - is given on


Any public presentation be it written or spoken must be followed by an acknowledgement like "Data from Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland, were provided by BioBasis, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark."




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