Key Facts:   
Project Acronym: COMETR
Project Start: 1 Dec 2004
Project End: 30 Nov 2006
Coordinator: National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) - Denmark
No. of Partners 6
EU Contribution: 988 026 EUR



COMETR Calendar

1 December COMETR project starts
3 December Partner kick-off meeting, PSI, London
28 January Sub-group meeting, Cambridge Econometrics
18 February Steering Group meeting (SG1), London
27 April Steering Group meeting (SG2), London
27-28 June Partner meeting, Vienna, AUSTRIA
6 September 6th Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, Leuven, BELGIUM
30 September Steering Group meeting (SG3), Denmark
24-25 November Partner meeting, Dublin, IRELAND
23 February Steering Group meeting, London, UK
6-7 June Partner meeting, Aarhus, DENMARK
19-20 October Partner meeting, Prague, CZECH REP.
29 January Steering Group meeting, Cambridge, UK
21 March Final COMETR workshop, BRUSSELS
23 April Steering Group meeting, Cambridge, UK



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