LDA measurements in Goettinger Strasse

All the measurements were performed in the multi-layer wind-tunnel with the wind profile is presented in the wind tunnel set-up.All the measurements were carried out with a 2-Component-LDA with a focal distance lens of 80 mm. High acquisition and validation rates were assured and sufficient averaging time were allowed in order to achieve reliable and accurate measurements. In critical areas with highly unsteady signals measurements were repeated several times. The reference speed was measured independently by a Prandtl-tube located upstream of the model 100 meter above ground (full scale)

Three configurations were tested at 10 m high from the ground full scale.

For all the configuration the origin point for the measurement were taken on the corner of the big building (cf. Figure 1)

Figure 1 : measurement grid

This grid was used in all model configurations

CONFIGURATION 1 Original configuration

Figure 2 : original configuration

CONFIGURATION 2 Original configuration with gateway opened

Same configuration shown on the figure 2 with the gateway presented on the figure 3

Figure 3 gateway

CONFIGURATION 3 New configuration with surrounding building and gateway opened

Figure 4: new configuration


Wind direction 240°

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                            Configuration 1                                         Configuration 2                                        Configuration 3

Wind direction 260°

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                            Configuration 1                                          Configuration 2                                       Configuration 3

Wind direction 280°

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                         Configuration 1                                            Configuration 2                                           Configuration 3

Request further informations on the measurements, please contact Prof Schatzmann