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How to use your username on

All users from the Pinkfoot site, have already been transferred to the site in Holland. In order to log in on you must find your Pinkfoot user ID. This done by going to the "Observers link". Here you should search for your present username to look up your UserID. When you know your UserID just add a "D" in front of this and use your regular password at the login page. After the observations have been moved to you can find your own observations again.

See the example for the user Lars Storm:

1: Go to the "Observers link"
2: Enter "Lars Storm" or part of this name, e.g. lars, in the search field
3: Find UserID on the left hand side at your Username, here 1458 (see picture below)
4: Go to login page
5: Enter D1458 as "Observer code" and personal password as normally used on the Pinkfoot site and click "login"
6: Activate your account by reentering password.
7: You may start entering data as soon as you have logged in. When the complete transfer process has been done, you will be able to see your previous registered observations. This is scheduled to within two weeks from today (Feb.15).
8: After login it is recomended to read the FAQ-section and the Manual for using the site. Note that you are logged in on the English version of the site. We will be translating to Danish in the near future.
9: Special situation for users registered at both sites :
 - This means that quite a few observers will temporarily have more than one observer-code.
 - All their observations will be uploaded, and only AFTER this uploading we can start the process of merging these various observers so that all observations of one and the same observer will be grouped under one and the same observer-code ( Username).
 - You can help if you already know both your usernames from the two sites. Please contact
 - Users who only have Pinkfoot Username will keep their D… ("D" + UserID) code.

We hope you will appreciate this upgrade and still continue to submit observations of Pinkfooted geese at the new site. We are aware that it takes some time to get used to a new interface. We believe this is a minor step to utilise the advantages of a combined effort from the broader goose community in Europe. If you still have problems finding UserID please contact Any questions regarding the use of should be adressed to

Note the UserID=1458 for Username

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