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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

On this page you can find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the website.

Black neckbands A01 and A02
Many observers have seen two mysterious black neckbanded pinkfeet with the codes A01 and A02. It turns out that they have been marked in Finnmark, northern Norway.

Read more about the catching (PDF-format, 350 KB)

Resightings of these 2 geese shall be sent to:

Tomas Aarvak
Norwegian Ornithological Society
Sandgt. 30B, N-7012 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: + 47 95992814
Phone office: +47 73526040
Fax: +47 73524090
Why is my name on the list of observers more than once?
Prior to creating this website, we already had records of the approx 800 observers of pink-footed geese. This "old" information can't be linked automatically to the "new" information you specify, when you register as a user on the website, because we don't have any email-addresses stored in advance.

We frequently check who has registered and "clean up" the database by merging dublicate information.

So just register, even though your name already is on the list! We will do the corrections, so you are only listed once.
Why is there an exclamation mark ( ) shown at some resightings?
When a resighting has an exclamation mark shown, it means the record isn't validated yet. This is just for your information. We have to validate the data before we can make use of it in our projects and studies.
Why is there a cross ( ) shown at my resightings?
This gives you the opportunity to delete your own resighting if you i.e. discover you have made a mistake. Only as long as the resighting hasn't been validated, you have this option.
How do I add a new location to the site list?
If you have observed a pink-footed goose at a place not listed, please send us an email with the details about the site. We will add the new location to the database.
Why do I get an error when trying to view the list in Word-format?
There could be several reasons. If possible, try to limit the amount of data by narrowing your search options. Another solution could be to update your computer with the available service packs for Office or Word. We have been informed that updating Office 2000 with service packs 1 and 3 have had a positive effect (thanks to Henk van Huffelen for the information). See the available downloads at Microsoft Office Online

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