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Observations of pink-footed geese

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February 15 2010: Database is being tranferred to
The Pinkfoot database is in the process of being transferred to the "sister site" is a joint initiative of several teams working with tracking of geese. By now the site holds data for 5 species, some data all the way from 1971. The pinkfooted goose will be added with data from 1990.
The users will benfit from the ongoing developement of features at, most interesting propably being the map feature. The managers will maintain a uniform way of handling goose observations migrating to/from European and Arctic locations as Svaldbard and Siberia.
The transfer of the data has an implication for the users of Please see this section for information on how to log in to with your present username

April 6 2009: New markings in Denmark
During the last week of March 191 Pink-footed geese were marked at West Stadil Fjord near Ringkøbing. White markings were used.
Photo: Per Ivar Nicolaisen

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February 12 2009: Database is running again
Due to internal restructuring of servers the Pinkfoot database has been down for some days. We apologize for the interruption.

September 2008: New markings in Svalbard!
In early August 2008 a Dutch team, lead by Dr. Jouke Prop, has caught and marked a total of 191 pink-footed geese in Svalbard. Of these, 104 were adults marked with white neckbands and metal rings and 87 were goslings marked with white plastic legbands (and no metal ring).

September 2007: New markings!
In July / August 2007, we have caught 374 pink-footed geese in six places in Svalbard (see Marking list). We have marked adults with white neckbands with black inscriptions and goslings with white plastic darvics with black inscriptions (code: 1 letter and 1 number/letter).

Watch a video from the 2007 Svalbard goose marking:

Observations of these new neckbands can be entered now!

Click to see a large version of this photo (50 KB) 

Click to see a large version of this photo (50 KB) 

We are very interested in resightings of the new rings and hope to receive observations of families of geese during the coming winter.

You can submit the resightings on-line or alternatively send records by e-mail or letter.

Click here for further instructions.

April 2005: 395 geese marked! - See some pictures!

Info: The 2 mysterious black neckbands A01 and A02

Since 1990, NERI has conducted marking of pink-footed geese. More than 2000 pinkfeet have been ringed and marked with a blue neckband with a three digit code, which can be read at a distance with the aid of a telescope. During 1990-2006, more that 200,000 resightings of neckbands have been reported within the range of the pinkfoot population.

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The geese breed in Svalbard and migrate via staging areas in Norway to wintering grounds in Denmark, The Netherlands and Belgium.

The resightings provide valuable information, enabling us to analyse migration patterns, site use and population dynamics. The project is carried out in collaboration with partners in Belgium, The Netherlands and Norway.

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We are very interested in receiving neckband resightings.

You can submit the resightings on-line or alternatively send records by e-mail or letter.

Click here for further instructions.

NERI and partners are the data owners. If you would like to make any scientific or popular use of the data, you are welcome to contact us to make an agreement in advance.

Reported resightings
See the list of reported resightings of pink-footed geese. You have the option to search and sort by individual birds, observers, locations and dates.
Marking list
A complete list of all the pink-footed geese marked with neckbands.
Site list
All the locations from where the resightings are reported.
A list of the observers who are performing the resightings.
Submit a new resighting
If you have seen a pink-footed goose marked with a neckband, you can submit the resighting here.
Links to the partners in the project.
Satellite tracking
On 31 March 2004, 7 pink-footed geese equipped with satellite transmitters were released at Vest Stadil Fjord, Western Denmark.
A list of publications related to the subject "pink-footed geese".
Lots of photos of pink-footed geese.
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