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International Conference on Energy, Environment and Health

Optimisation of Future Energy Systems

January 27-29, 2010

Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Now open for abstract submissions; deadline October 15th 2009

The objective of the conference is to enhance the collaboration between scientists from different research fields with the mission to establish a common framework for interdisciplinary based systems to support optimal planning of future energy production and consumption where both direct and indirect costs related to human health, the natural environment and climate change are considered.

To ensure the needed interdisciplinary approach the conference invites researchers from the scientific communities within atmospheric physics and chemistry, air pollution modelling, environmental sciences, energy systems, human health and environmental economy.

Submission of abstracts is invited within the following sessions:

The conference is held as an activity within Centre for Energy, Environment and Health (CEEH), funded by the Danish Research Council. This scientific conference is open for all interested parties. For more information about the centre, see www.ceeh.dk.

Contact e-mails:  Lise Frohn (lmf@dmu.dk) ,Kenneth Karlsson (keka@risoe.dtu.dk) or Jørgen Brandt (jbr@dmu.dk)