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The Danish Red Data Book

Taxon: Tracheophyta

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Critically endangered
Number of Threatened
24 (2,26%)36 (3,39%)57 (5,38%)117 (11,0%)
Regionally extinct
Near threatened
Least concern
Data deficient
Not applicable
Not evaluated
Number of species
24 (2,26%)49 (4,62%)845 (79,7%)24 (2,26%)1813 (171,%)37 (3,49%)1059

Critically endangered (CR) species:

1Alisma gramineum Lej.CR
2Bidens radiata Thuill.CR
3Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb.CR
4Carex maritima GunnerusCR
5Diphasiastrum complanatum (L.) J. Holub ssp. complanatumCR
6Draba muralis L.CR
7Epipogium aphyllum Sw.CR
8Euphorbia palustris L.CR
9Galium valdepilosum Heinr. BraunCR
10Illecebrum verticillatum L.CR
11Ophrys insectifera L.CR
12Orobanche reticuláta Wallr.CR
13Poa supina Schrad.CR
14Potentilla sordida Fr. ex AspegrenCR
15Pseudorchis albida (L.) A. Löve & D. Löve ssp. albidaCR
16Rhododendron tomentosum HarmajaCR
17Rosa tomentosa Sm.CR
18Sorbus hybrida L.CR
19Stachys officinalis (L.) TrevisanCR
20Subularia aquatica L.CR
21Viola epipsila Ledeb.CR

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