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Taxon: Water bugs (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha & Nepomorpha).

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Critically endangered
Number of Threatened
TOMT1 (1,69%)1 (1,69%)2 (3,38%)
Regionally extinct
Near threatened
Least concern
Data deficient
Not applicable
Not evaluated
Number of species
1 (1,69%) TOMT54 (91,5%)2 (3,38%) TOMT TOMT59

All species:

1Aphelocheirus aestivalis (Fabricius, 1794)LC
2Aquarius najas (De Geer, 1773)LC
3Aquarius paludum ssp. paludum (Fabricius, 1794)LC
4Arctocorisa germari (Fieber, 1848)LC
5Callicorixa praeusta ssp. praeusta (Fieber, 1848)LC
6Callicorixa producta ssp. producta (Reuter, 1880)LC
7Corixa dentipes Thomson, 1869LC
8Corixa panzeri Fieber, 1848LC
9Corixa punctata (Illiger, 1807)LC
10Cymatia bonsdorffii (C.R. Sahlberg, 1819)LC
11Cymatia coleoptrata (Fabricius, 1777)LC
12Gerris (Gerris) argentatus Schummel, 1832LC
13Gerris (Gerris) gibbifer Schummel, 1832LC
14Gerris (Gerris) lacustris (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
15Gerris (Gerris) odontogaster (Zetterstedt, 1828)LC
16Gerris (Gerris) thoracicus Schummel, 1832LC
17Gerris (Gerriselloides) lateralis Schummel, 1832LC
18Glaenocorisa propinqua ssp. propinqua (Fieber, 1860)LC
19Hebrus (Hebrus) pusillus ssp. pusillus (Fallén, 1807)EN
20Hebrus (Hebrusella) ruficeps Thomson, 1871LC
21Hesperocorixa castanea (Thomson, 1869)LC
22Hesperocorixa linnaei (Fieber, 1848)LC
23Hesperocorixa moesta (Fieber, 1848)RE
24Hesperocorixa sahlbergi (Fieber, 1848)LC
25Hydrometra gracilenta Horváth, 1899LC
26Hydrometra stagnorum (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
27Ilyocoris cimicoides ssp. cimicoides (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
28Limnoporus rufoscutellatus (Latreille, 1807)LC
29Mesovelia furcata Mulsant & Rey, 1852LC
30Micronecta (Micronecta) griseola Horváth, 1899DD
31Micronecta (Micronecta) minutissima (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
32Micronecta (Micronecta) poweri ssp. poweri (Douglas & Scott, 1869)DD
33Microvelia (Microvelia) buenoi Drake, 1920LC
34Microvelia (Microvelia) reticulata (Burmeister, 1835)LC
35Nepa cinerea Linnaeus, 1758LC
36Notonecta (Notonecta) glauca glauca Linnaeus, 1758LC
37Notonecta (Notonecta) lutea Müller, 1776LC
38Notonecta (Notonecta) maculata Fabricius, 1794LC
39Notonecta (Notonecta) obliqua Thunberg, 1787LC
40Notonecta (Notonecta) reuteri ssp. reuteri Hungerford, 1933LC
41Notonecta (Notonecta) viridis Delcourt, 1909LC
42Paracorixa concinna ssp. concinna (Fieber, 1848)LC
43Plea minutissima ssp. minutissima Leach, 1817LC
44Ranatra linearis (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
45Sigara (Halicorixa) stagnalis ssp. stagnalis (Leach, 1817)LC
46Sigara (Microsigara) hellensii (C.R. Sahlbergi, 1819)VU
47Sigara (Pseudovermicorixa) nigrolineata ssp. nigrolineata (Fieber, 1848)LC
48Sigara (Retrocorixa) limitata ssp. limitata (Fieber, 1848)LC
49Sigara (Retrocorixa) semistriata (Fieber, 1848)LC
50Sigara (Sigara) striata (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
51Sigara (Subsigara) distincta (Fieber, 1848)LC
52Sigara (Subsigara) falleni (Fieber, 1848)LC
53Sigara (Subsigara) fossarum (Leach, 1817)LC
54Sigara (Subsigara) iactans (Jansson, 1983)LC
55Sigara (Subsigara) longipalis (J. Sahlberg, 1878)LC
56Sigara (Subsigara) scotti (Douglas & Scott, 1868)LC
57Sigara (Vermicorixa) lateralis (Leach, 1817)LC
58Velia (Plesiovelia) caprai ssp. caprai Tamanini, 1947LC
59Velia (Plesiovelia) saulii Tamanini, 1947LC

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