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Taxon: Odonata

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Critically endangered
Number of Threatened
2 (4%)1 (2%)3 (6%)6 (12%)
Regionally extinct
Near threatened
Least concern
Data deficient
Not applicable
Not evaluated
Number of species
5 (10%)6 (12%)33 (66%) TOMT4 (8%) TOMT50

All species:

1Aeshna cyanea (Müller, 1764)LC
2Aeshna grandis (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
3Aeshna isosceles (Müller, 1767)LC
4Aeshna juncea (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
5Aeshna mixta Latreille, 1805LC
6Aeshna subarctica Walker, 1908NT
7Aeshna viridis Eversmann, 1836NT
8Anax imperator Leach, 1815LC
9Brachytron pratense (Müller, 1764)LC
10Calopteryx splendens (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
11Calopteryx virgo (Harris, 1782)LC
12Coenagrion armatum (Charpentier, 1840)EN
13Coenagrion hastulatum (Charpentier, 1825)LC
14Coenagrion lunulatum (Charpentier, 1840)NT
15Coenagrion puella (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
16Coenagrion pulchellum (Vander Linden, 1825)LC
17Cordulea aenea (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
18Cordulegaster boltoni (Donnovan, 1807)NT
19Enallagma cyathigerum (Charpentier 1840)LC
20Epitheca bimaculata (Charpentier 1825)RE
21Erythromma najas (Hansemann, 1823)LC
22Erythromma viridulum (Charpentier 1840)NA
23Gomphus vulgatissimus (Linnaeus, 1758)NT
24Hemianax ephippiger (Burmeister, 1839)NA
25Ischnura elegans (Vander Linden, 1820)LC
26Ischnura pumilio (Charpentier 1825)NT•
27Lestes barbarus (Fabricius, 1798)NA
28Lestes dryas Kirby 1890LC
29Lestes sponsa (Hansemann 1823)LC
30Lestes virens (Charpentier, 1825)VU•
31Leucorrhinia albifrons (Burmeister, 1839)RE
32Leucorrhinia caudalis (Charpentier, 1825)RE
33Leucorrhinia dubia (Vander Linden, 1825)LC
34Leucorrhinia pectoralis (Charpentier, 1825)VU•
35Leucorrhinia rubicunda (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
36Libellula depressa Linnaeus, 1758LC
37Libellula fulva Müller, 1764LC
38Libellula quadrimaculata Linnaeus, 1758LC
39Nehalennia speciosa (Charpentier 1840)CR
40Onychogomphus forcipatus (Linnaeus, 1758))RE
41Ophiogomphus cecilia (Fourcrroy, 1785)LC
42Orthetrum cancellatum (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
43Orthetrum coerulescens (Fabricius, 1798)RE
44Platycnemis pennipes (Pallas, 1771)VU•
45Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Sulzer, 1776)LC
46Somatochlora arctica (Zetterstedt, 1840)CR
47Somatochlora flavomaculata (Vander Linden, 1825)LC
48Somatochlora metallica (Vander Linden, 1825)LC
49Sympetrum danae (Sulzer, 1776)LC
50Sympetrum flaveolum (Linnaeus, 1758)LC
51Sympetrum pedemontanum (Allioni, 1766)NA
52Sympetrum sanguineum (Müller, 1764)LC
53Sympetrum striolatum (Charpentier, 1840)LC
54Sympetrum vulgatum (Linnaeus, 1758)LC

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